Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Heart Pie

When the mood strikes, pie!

Thoughtfully, Albert brought me home a big bag of mini golden apples. A big bag! What a treat! I removed them from their bag and arranged them on my poker party plate. They sat and sat for days, well ok four, and then like a bolt of lightning it hit me. Apple Pie!! But I had never made apple pie. But I have a handy dandy apple peeler/corer/spiraler!....soooo snap the jobs a game. I could never find the patience or the English language on the instructions that came with the device, so my apples ended up being spiraled, peeled, and cored. I should have just spiraled and peeled. The slices looked like little c's or arches. Funky, but tasted good.

So I did what I normally do. Enter main ingredients into google and pray. I also did what I normally do which is scan scam-like and probably virus-like paid ad sites and find tidbits of not helpful information.

I eventually consulted the Southern Sideboards cookbook And found one seriously lackluster Apple Harvest Pie. Which I really didn't have the ingredients AT all, but I did go by it's baking time and flour requirements. And sortof its corn syrup, topping idea, and sugar measurements. although I kept adding the sweet like a fiend. And salt too.

For the top I took a cue from Stevie Weissman and first added brushed on milk(where the f*$K is my pastry brush? i have a pastry brush?) with my fingers, and then dusted with sugar. But to tell you the truth the top begged for something more and the corn syrup was so fun to put in the pie so I added it in a corn syrup sugar vanilla glaze on top. And more salt too. The glaze was SS suggestion. But I didn't use as much as it asked for. I have to say, it came out pretty, but a little kinda looks like um well. oh dear. clear anyone taking the hint?... I love my dirty mind!

Just so everyone's clear, this was my first attempt at apple pie. I didn't mean to make goo on my pie.

p.s. Southern Sideboards is a good go-to and I'm sure their pie is delicious and goo free.

p.s.s. I forgot to tell you I practically had to hack it up with a hack saw, it totally stuck everywhich way to that glass pan. I buttered and sorta time

*When I have the time I'll post the written SS recipe and my wonky fairly successful sugary confection.*

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