Sunday, January 24, 2010

At the Starting Line

Organized and de-funked the porch this evening.

Items I threw away...over a years worth of cigarette butts from various friends, wanted and unwanted guests, rotted wood of a turn of the century-esque sling chair that needs a MAJOR overhaul, poinsettia biznasty, various pieces of straight-up trash of the sick kind, and an old derty air filter that I swear has been out there for over six months. Recycled goods included not one but two Chicago's pizza boxes. I believe it's Mr. Papa John himself that says "one slice of pizza should satisfy a person." We like to gorge on the good stuff what can I say?

Let's see what else?...

Ahh yes, finally cleaned up that maple branch I had rescued from someone's brush pile. I stuck it in one of the painted terracotta pots that stands proudly on the steps. I stuck some magnolia branches (also saved from mutilation) in its matching mate. It conveys a wintery feel that I want to hold onto as long as I can.. Summer is waaaaay too long here and with this past year scorching us into October, I'm not looking forward to the pit stains THIS summer's sure to bring.

So yeah, I swept the porch and organized unfinished projects to the left and gardening supplies and tools to the right. At least we're no longer living in complete squaller. Now if I can just keep up this momentum and pull last years weeds.

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