Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clippings of the hair and receipt variety...

So today I gave my scalp a reprieve. A long overdue haircut. I always feel so much lighter when I leave the salon. Today was a little different. Although I was physically lighter, it wasn't until I hit up some serious retail therapy(see followup later) did the icks really go away....Is it bad when your stylist repeatedly asks you if you're stressed? Uh woohooowaa! What? Like you can tell!?!! It must ooze from my follicles. The past few days had been going so well. Well the past few months and weeks really...Anyway, just cause I have a lot in my noodle and it shows on my face doesn't mean I'm stressed.....right?

At one point Lee faced me towards the door so I wouldn't get to see what he was doing. Which was fine and totally hilarious. I didn't laugh out loud because he already thinksmeinsane. Whatever! SO, I face the door and watch a totally adorable twosomethingshe must be(very yoda like but whatev) play outside. I actually took a mental timeout and enjoyed the cut for a few minutes. I have to admit and am realizing now how stressed I was going into that appointment. Although I had had a great productive, happy walk, coffee kindofmorning, I was totally freaking that he was going to go at me with the razor and feather my hair into a frenzy. AND totally cut off all my months and years worth of patience and damaged hair.

So sorry Lee if I felt stressed..

When i said i had had previous traumatic experiences, I wasn't JUST talking about other stylists.

Do you catch my drift?...

p.s. love ya though...will totally return. and upon reflection of my new do,

it's much healthier, thank you so much and not feathered into a frenzy(even if it is a little more than I would like) grrrrr8! wedding hair!

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