Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 2 Productivity-Dirtier, but still bound and determined.

Hello blog,

Today was a full one. It's never a great beginning when you leave things unsaid from the previous day. It rarely happens, but when it does it leaves you with a even worse case of morning breath. go figure. I highly suggest all forms of intimacy, talk and the other kind. It just makes life more pleasant. and happy, which I know I need more of.

So anyway, after words were said and wrinkles smoothed, I began to tackle the list.

What was not on the list....but delightfully satisfying just the same...:)

Discovering my father's old waffle iron in the pantry and making belgian waffles for breakfast at noon..delic'!

Taking the party outside, while continuing to spy on the neighbs and the undercover op that is sure to go down, and starting to brainstorm on the candy tree. Inspecting branches, spray paint, and wire...more on this later. Which also, speaking of undercover, somehow it must be an elaborate scheme with loads of detectives..."dressed and speaking like construction workers." hmmmm...

Picked up a sturdy branch and made a craft of it. See above.

Fun day full of unexpected and expected checks!

How is your list?...

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  1. Oh Mare! I'm so proud!!! Love your jewelry display! Very well done.